Shangrila 510S
Integrated Respiratory Work Station

Fighting against COVID-19

With advanced technology and versatile ventilation functions, 510S respiratory work station meets the breathing requirements of adult and pediatric.

Complete Ventilation Modes

• The device hosts six ventilation modes.
• Besides the conventional Volume-Controlled ventilation mode, it also has Pressure-Controlled ventilation mode,
• SIMV and CPAP modes. The machine can provide a precise tidal volume.
• It also provides inspiration hold and manual breath, one-button operation, and is thus incredibly convenient.

Ideal O2 Delivery

• With its advanced technology, the range of FiO2 can be set from 40% to 100%.
• Furthermore, this range can be adjusted continuously.

Clinical Enhancements

• Manual breath
• Inspiratory hold
• Alarm silence
• Pre-use test

Working Scenarios

• Ward, Emergency Department,Sub-acute Care Unit

Shangrila 510S Integrated Respiratory Work Station is customized to save more lives in the global outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.


Parametry techniczne

Patient Type
Adult & Child (>3.5 kg)
Ventilation Modes
A/C-V with Sigh A/C-P
Apnea back-up ventilation Manual breath
Alarm silence
Parameter Setting
Tidal volume (Vt) 0-2000 mL
Pinsp 5-50 cmH2O
Psupp 0-50 cmH2O
CPAP (NIV) 0-30 cmH2O
PEEP 0-30 cmH2O
Pressure trigger -20-0 cmH2O
Flow trigger 2-30 L/minO
Frequency (f) 1-120 bpm (A/C)
1-40 bpm (SIMV)
I:E ratio 4:1-1:10
Pause time (Tpause) 0-5 s
O2 concentration 40-100 %
Inspiration flow Max. 90 L/min
Monitoring Data
Frequency (f)
Waveform Display
Alarm Setting
High MV OFF, 1-25 L
Low MV OFF, 0-24 L
High FiO2 OFF, 50-100 %
Low FiO2 OFF, 35-99 %
High Paw 6-80 cmH2O
Low Paw 0-40 cmH2O
AC power failure Gas supply down
O2 deficiency MV high
Low battery No VT
Apnea CP high
Chinese English
Spanish Italian
Turkish Other languages
Environmental Requirements
Operating condition -18-50 C
Storage condition -20-60 C
Relative humidity
Operating condition 15-95 %
Storage condition 10-95 %
Barometric pressure
Operating condition 70-110 kPa
Storage condition 50-110 kPa
AC voltage 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
DC voltage 12 V
Battery run time Minimum 4.5 hours
Battery type Nickel-cadmium battery
Gas Supply
Supply pressure (O2) 250-600 kPa
Flow Max. 180 L/min
Physical Specifications
Main unit weight 3 kg (exclude trolley)
Dimension (H*W*D): 168* 156 *300 mm
LCD screen 5" TFT
Communication Ports RS232

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