755nm Long Pulsed Alexandrite
Laser System


  • - Hair removal
  • - Pigmented lesions
  • - Melasma
  • - Alex toning
  • - Noble technique

  • 755nm Long Pulsed Alexandrite Laser
    with Unique & Patented Fractional Handpiece

    Noblex is an outstanding long-pulsed Alexandrite laser with Fractional Handpiece, firstly invented and patented by FineMEC, Korea.
    It adopts stable and powerful power supply up to 70J based on square pulse type and which realizes more consistent and safer treatment results.
    Specially designed its zoom handpiece irradiates the perfect and uniform beam profile from ©2 to 20mm without changing handpiece or distance guide.

  • Features

    • - Stable and powerful output up to /0J
    • - Fast and precise treatment with repetition rate up to 10Hz
    • - Selective RCS Gas Cooling and Air Cooling
    • - Adjustable Dual cylinder zoom handpiece
    • - Uniform beam quality from © 2 to 20mm
    • - Total 24 memories with preset parameter

Why 755nm is superior than 532nm?

755nm wavelength has high absorption by melanin, but relatively low absorption by oxyhemoglobin, while 532nm has high absorption by both melanin and hemoglobin, which means 755nm has less thermal damage to the surrounded normal tissue than 532nm and less risk of PIH than 532nm.

Outstanding RCS Gas Cooling

  • - Selective "pre-/post- treatment” gas cooling
  • - Rapidly and effectively cool down the epidermis
  • - The special sensor automatically adjusts the pressure and temperature of the container.
  • - Safe treatment, less side effect, more effective treatment results.

Fractional Handpiece

Noble Technique
New Generation Whitening and Melasma Treatment

755nm wavelength has high absorption by not only melanin, but also by melanocyte and melanosome and destroys them selectively and effectively.

Main Handpiecie

Uniform beam profile up to 2 to 20mm without changing main handpiece.
Convenient use and also saving treatment hours.

Parametry techniczne

Module Long Pulsed Alexandrite laser
Wavelength 755 nm
Pulse width 0.2 to 300 ms (triple)
Pulse delay 0 to 90 ms
Output energy up to 70J
Control panel Touch screen input interface
Electronic control Microprocessor
Repetition rate 0.5 to 10 Hz
Main Hand Spot size 2mm to 20mm (2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 mm)
Fractional Handpiece (*optional) 45mm Spot size <130 dots, 400,m dots size>
Pulse control Foot switch
Beam delivery Lens-coupled optical fiber with hand piece
Electrical requirements AG 230 V/30A (50/60Hz single phase)
Skin cooling system Selective RCS Gas Cooling / Air Gooling(external)
Cooling requirements Water cooling
Aiming beam 22mW Laser Diode (650nm)
Dimensions 850(H) x 385(W) x 950(D) mm
Weight 80 Kg


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