Lipo1060 is a body-slimming equipment
using a 1060nm laser, enabling non-invasive
procedures without pain. If the fat layer is
selectively heated using a 1060nm-laser,
the fat cells, which are sensitive to
the temperature range of 42~47℃ or higher,
die naturally, so that only fat cells
are eliminated while the skin is protected.


  • 1060nm Laser of Lipo1060, Combines the vacuum technology

    The laser module of lipo1060 which providing vacuum system to increase the contact between the treatement area and the module. 1060nm wavelength laser of lipo1060 heats up the adipose layer selective to the temperature in the range 42~47℃.The adipose layer kills themselves once it is exposed to high temperature.

    The necrotized adipocytes are discharged from body through metabolic process leaving netural body-slimming effect.

Treatment Process


A. Wide touch screen + User friendly UI
With its 10.2 inch digital touch screen, you can easily check the screen during the treatment. Simple UI is applied for user convenience.

B. Emergency Switch
Enhanced safety feature equipped with key switch & emergency shut-off knob.

C. Extension Cradle
Extension cracle for handpeice cable is very useful when your treatment.

D. 1060nm handpiece with vacuum & cooling technology
Four 1060nm handpieces protects skin from heat by paser radiation.
Contact sensor in handpiece provides safer treatment.


Parametry techniczne

Wavelength 1060nm ±20nm
Power density 0.9W/㎠ ~ 1.4W/㎠ ±20%
Power energy step 0.05W/㎠
Treatment area of handpiece Applicator(1,2,3,4) – 4X6㎠
Panel AC220V, 50/60Hz
Electrical requirement 10.1 inch Touch LCD
Dimension (W x D x H mm) 835 x 510 x 1,697
Weight 130kg

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