Fractional CO2 Laser Machine

FONS-SVR is a Newest & Latest trend
for Vaginal Anti-aging, Regaining female's
confidence, pleasuring sex and improving
satisfaction for life. As well, FONS-SVR device
can works for Skin Rejuvenation, Wrinkle Removal,
Scar Removal and surgical cutting functions etc.

Precision Laser Beam Form CO2 Laser

Parametry techniczne

Laser Type 10.600nm CO2 laser
Treatment Mode Surgical laser
Fractional laser
Scan Area Size X 3~20mm, Y 3~20mm(FL) /8*8, 9*9, 10*10mm(LVR)
Scan Shapes Square, Circle
Scan Graphics Sequence, Spray, Random
Power Output 1~30W (Continuous)
Pulse Energy 1~300mj
Pulse Energy 01~10ms
Electical Power 220/230V AC, 50/60Hz
Output Mode Continuous, Super pulse, Ultra pulse
Weight 55Kg

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