DermoGenius ultra image analysis

DermoGenius Live
nowoczesny cyfrowy wideo-dermatoskop

  • High-Tech, Lightweight, Handy
  • Outstanding Image Quality
  • Modular Expansion
DermoGenius ultra handpiece

DermoGenius Live

To nowoczesny wideo-dermatoskop oferujący obrazowanie zmian dermatologicznych na żywo. Wyposażony jest w kamerę o rozdzielczości 5MP ultra HD oraz bardzo lekką rękojeść(<200g). Jest to idealny system, dzięki któremu łatwo, szybko i precyzyjnie zbadasz zmiany skórne. Dodatkowo urządzenie posiada wbudowany system archiwizacji zdjęć JPEG.


A quick move from one examination room to the next, to your second practice or to a home visit is easy thanks to the standardized USB camera interface, which allows you to work on different PCs.



Image acquisition

We utilize for DermoGenius ultra high quality opto-electronics “Made in Germany”. The standardized image acquisition is an indispensable condition for a reproducible image acquisition and image analysis. This includes color standardization, shading correction and constant imaging parameters. The camera calibration procedure is an integral part of the DermoGenius software, requires only one image of a calibration card and is done only once a quarter to compensate the slow aging process of LEDs and camera sensor.

2 acquisition modes

  • Live mode: It is used for quick mole screening without predefining a localization as usually done with an optical dermoscope; first the image of a lesion is taken, then the localization is assigned.
  • Standard mode: First the localizations are defined, then the pictures are taken one after another down the list (lesion after lesion).
gallery display

Localization and image gallery - all at a glance

All images are stored – patient and localization related – in a data base, the structural basis of the extensive DermoScan software. Images made with a digital camera (macroscopic images) can be stored in the non-localization-specific photo folder, e.g. total body photos, which also can be used as localization photo.

In the gallery all images of a patient are displayed together with all relevant data (e.g. date of examination or excision and image comments), offering quick overview of all images of the treatment of the patient. The gallery display allows highly comfortable image management, facilitating the selection of lesions in follow-up controls through a chronological arrangement of images.

This allows a simple choice of lesions for follow-up examinations and thanks to the chronological display ensures an easy image management. Each image in the gallery can of course be displayed as a single image in maximum resolution. The inbuilt zoom function enables an optimal assessment of details in structure and color of a lesion, which can also be displayed in a side-by-side comparison of up to 4 images.

It is also possible to search for an image by the ICD10 code and add an individual comment to an image.

A date of excision can be entered and assigned to the corresponding image in the gallery. It is clearly flagged (red bar) that the lesion was excised.

camera hand piece

Dodatkowe funkcje:

  • podgląd zmiany skórnej na żywo wraz ze swoim pacjentem
  • standaryzowane obrazowanie
  • archiwizacja obrazów w formacie JPEG
  • funkcje Zoom i Pan
  • miarka z dodatkowym adapterem skali (opcjonalnie)
  • wygodna dla pacjenta odległość robocza
  • plug & play przez interfejs USB-2
  • działa na standardowych komputerach PC z systemem Windows (XP / Vista / WIN 7 / WIN 8)*
  • łatwa instalacja urządzenia
  • nie zajmumje dodatkowego miejsca(nie potrzeba wózka czy szafki)
  • lekka rękojeść umożliwia ergonomiczną pracę
  • można rozszerzyć do DermoGenius Ultra

Software options for DermoGenius ultra

MoleExpertMicro for image analysis:

MoleExpertMicro is an optional software solution to evaluate dermoscopic images. It is built on many years of experience in computer-aided analysis of pigmented skin lesions.

MoleExpertMacro for digital mole mapping:

MoleExpertMacro is an optional software module to identify newly appeared pigmented lesions and to evaluate changes of existing lesions by means of digital photo documentation.

TrichoScan for hair analysis:

TrichoScan, a computer-aided method of determining hair density and hair root status, best suited for progress monitoring in patients with allopecia.

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