Laser beam is transferred through fiber
to the wanted area precisely without
energy loss. Also, two beams can be used
at the same time. So it is very convenient
to use and the treatment time can be quite short.
Cyro Air Cooling system is installed. So patients
can be treated without pain and, downtime
can be sharply shortened.

Health & Beauty Care System

Alexandrite & Long Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser is transferred through fiber to the wanted area precisely without energy loss. Two beams can be irradiated at the same time.

Końcówki zabiegowe

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  • What is the Fractional? Dividing Laser beam very finely (smaller than hair) and irradiating to Epidermis fractionally makes many small thermal lesions to the skin structure without any serious damages. By this system, the skin will be recovered rapidly with no side effects and during this time the skin rejuvenated naturally. Higher Water Absorption

    Fractional CO2 Laser has higher water absorption, so that skin surface vaporizes and creates a Micro Ablative Columns. When you emit Fractional CO2 Laser to skin surface, the water is heated to a boiling point causing the water molecules to convert to vapor(ablation). The heat generated creates a coagulation zone which initiates the wound healing response. As soon as skin is ablated, necrotic walinduces immediate collagen shrinkage. The heat generated denatures the collagen which recoils back to normal collagen causing the skin to contract improving skin laxity.


  • Hair Removal
    Arm, Leg, Beard, Bikini Line, Axilla, Fine Hair etc.

  • Vascular
    Telangiectasia, Blue Vascular, Facial Flushing, Nevus Flammeus, Hemangioma etc.

Air Cooling System Installable

Patients can be treated without pain by installing air cooling system
Downtime can be sharply shortened too

Parametry techniczne

Wavelength 1064nm
Laser Type Long Pulsed Nd:YAG
Beam Delivery Lens-coupled optical fiber with Handpiece
Aiming Beam 5 mW @532 nm
Energy 90J
Fluence Max. 1273J/cm2
Pulse Width (ms) 0.5ms-100ms
Pulse Rate (Hz) 0.5-7Hz
Display System 10.2 " Touch LCD GUI
Spot Size 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 22 mm
Emission Control Footswitch
Cooling Type Air Cooling / Gas Cooling
Dimensions (mm) 1000mm (H), 910 mm (D), 380 mm (W)
Weight (kg) 88 kg
Electrical rating 10 KVA (AC 220 ~ 230 V,50/60 Hz)

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