9 Interchangeable Filters

Pigmented Lesions
Acne / Hair Removal

Vascular Specialized Filters

  • Specialized Dual Filters

    Applied short wavelength that has high absorption rate to both oxyhemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin, and long wavelength that is capable of vascular treatment by occurring thermal damage.
  • More precise and safer Filters

    More precise and safer vascular treatment is now available by choosing filters depending on skin type adn depth of target vessel.

500(S) 530(S) 530(D) 550(S)
500 ~ 600nm 530 ~ 600nm 530 ~ 650nm
900nm ~
550 ~ 650nm
Skin typeⅠ-Ⅱ  Skin typeⅠ-Ⅱ All skin type Skin TypeⅢ-Ⅴ 

Vascular /
Pigmented lesions

Facial telangiectasia, Small vessels, ​Erythema​, Lentigo


Facial telangiectasia, Lentigo


All size of vessels, Rosacea, Erythema

Vascular /
Pigmented Lesions

Facial telangiectasia, Broken vascular
500(S) 530(S)
500 ~ 600nm 530 ~ 600nm
Skin typeⅠ-Ⅱ ) Skin typeⅠ-Ⅱ

Vascular /
Pigmented Lesions

Facial telangiectasia, Port wine stains, Rosacea, Small vessels, Lentigo, Erythema


Facial telangiectasia, Rosacea
530(D) 550(S)
530 ~ 650nm
900 ~ 1200nm
550 ~ 650nm
All skin type Skin TypeⅢ-Ⅴ


Facial telangiectasia, All size of vessels

Vascular /
Pigmented Lesions

Facial telangiectasia, Rosacea, Freckle, Lentigo. Broken vascular, Erythema

Photo shower™ Technology

Photo Shower™ technology using continuous 300 pulses/per minute allows quick and safe procedure.

Short ACNE treatment within one minute

  • 420nm Cut-off Filter reacts with Porphyrin which made by bacteria enducing acne, then it forms singlet oxygen and kills the bacteria.
  • Procedure is completed within one minute by using sliding technique.

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